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Meet Amy Lyman

Amy is the CEO of Harmony Wellness Center. Amy holds a diploma in Professional Aromatherapy and she is a certified Birthing Doula and lactation consultant.

Amy creates high-grade essential oils under the Harmony Wellness brand, and is passionate about educating others of the medicinal use of aromatherapy. 

Your Wellness Source For...

Essential Oils

From pure aromatherapy grade essential oils, to medical grade diffusers, and aromatherapy classes, we offer the complete experience for the wellness seeker.

Wellness Coaching

Get 1:1 holistic health, wellness, and aromatherapy coaching with Amy Lyman, where you'll get personalized and integral care for body, mind, and soul.

Health & Wellness

Health springs from within, and the nutrition we give our bodies sets the framework for our overall health. Here you will find the perfect high-grade supplements for your needs.

Harmony Wellness

Body, Mind, & Spirit


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